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la legua. pasta pimiento choricero 300g

Flesh of Choricero Pepper
Ingredients: Choricero pepper pulp.




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angelachu garfish in olive oil


Conservas Angelachu was born in Santona (Cantabria) in the late 90´s. With the experience of four generations of fishmongers and professional canners, Conservas Angelachu became a pioneer and leader in the industry and art of canning fish with the utmost respect and care for the original and traditional preserving process. “Authentic and tradition of craftsmenship” is the philosophy of this family business. To Conservas Angelachu. was given an Aurum award for "artisanal European Producer of the Year 2010”

Angelachu Garfish in olive oil. The Garfish or “Agujas” (Needles in Spanish) is a tasty blue fish noted for its long and pointed shape. 
This product canned in olive oil product preserves the showiness of its length, brightness as well as texture and intense flavour. It is a highly consumed fish in main coastal towns of Cantabria, especially Santoña.

Weight 280G



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