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Olive oils

claramunt picual olive oil 250ml/500ml

Claramunt is an authour olive oil. It is the combination of a familiy tradition and the last technic in the olive oil world. Claramunt is created to be an exclusive olive oil where you can feel all Andalucia world: his sun, his earth, his passion.Picual: Claramunt Extra Virgin Picual, pressed from the first cold extraction, won the “Jaén Selección 2014” distinction for being one of the eight best extra virgin olive oils produced in the province.Tasting notes describe green and ripe fruits with notes of natural grasses, banana, apple, and almond. The absence of bitterness makes it pleasant on the palate, and the aftertaste is fresh.This EVOO is recommended with fruits, vegetables, and cheeses, and perfect for cooking potatoes, creamed soups, stews, mayonnaises, and desserts. Picual is the most widespread variety in Spain, providing an oil with a high content of oleic acid, very rich in flavours, and with a fruity body of green olive with a light bitterness and pungency.




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